LoveBooksGroupTours Blogtour Turner: “We are the light Join Us” – Jonathan De Montfort Cover Reveal

Today, I am happy to share the cover of an exciting thriller.

One Family.
Two Brothers.
One Big Decision.

“We Are the Light Join Us”.

Turner is a rich, dark, layered text that slowly draws you in before taking you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions in a story about what it means to be human, pure love and the sacrifices people make to preserve those things.

Hero, a young boy joining a new school, discovers he has a unique ability. One he finds that he shares with his mysterious, enigmatic older brother James. Upon this realisation, the brothers’ bond is cemented as they embark on a complex emotional journey together, honing their skills and developing their understanding of what this new found ability can bring for them both. However, upon his eighteenth birthday, Hero learns that with his new ability comes a choice and whenever he makes a decision there are serious consequences.

The story contrasts the parallel lives of the brothers as Hero decides to “Join the Light” whilst James takes an entirely different path and disappears . . .

Will they ever be reunited?

I know you’ve been curious so I got you the intriguing cover.

Titel: Turner | Auteur: Jonathan de Montfort | Uitgeverij: de Montfort Literature | Categorie: Fantasy, Horror | Uitvoering: Hardcover, Paperback of E-book | 400 pagina’s | ISBN13: 9781912770007 | Recensent: Fany van Hemelen | Max. prijs (hardcover): €17,99 | Bestellen

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