Let’s make Pom Poms

Fun and easy makes for all the family. Get crafty with pom poms with 15 easy to follow step by step guides. Make your own set of fluffy dice, sushi that looks good enough to eat and an everlasting Christmas tree as well as many other exciting projects

Review Let’s make Pom Poms by Fany Van Hemelen:
I loved this craft book. I work daily with kids and got new inspiration in this book. I have to admit, I am more “a read story people” than a “tinkerer”, but this is written in easy steps and has fun and original ideas. The pictures were colorful, clear and attracting. The pom pom makers will I go and check for, because I adore the thought of using this instead of cardboard, so what a great invention. I will going to try some stuff at my work and I know the kids will be able with this book to craft even alone or with some help. Personally, I enjoy the incredible simplicity and beautiful butterfly the most. The kids and myself already can make pom poms but this first book of this author is fun, easy and I can’t wait to discover more of this nice and easy craft stuff. Katie Scott, I am sure you have more ideas to share, so when is your next book coming?

Katie Scott is a craft and book blogger who lives in the county of Kent, UK. Living at home with her husband and infant daughter, Katie loves nothing more than long evenings in with a good book, a pile of crafting goodies and a very large pot of tea.
Let’s Make Pom Poms is her first crafting book.
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