Battle ground

Battle Ground (Book one in this series)
Sixteen-year-old Bex Ellman has been drafted into an army she doesn’t support and a cause she
doesn’t believe in. Her plan is to keep her head down, and keep herself and her friends safe – until
she witnesses an atrocity she can’t ignore, and a government conspiracy that threatens lives all over
the UK. With her loyalties challenged, Bex must decide who to fight for – and who to leave behind.
The Battle Ground series is set in a dystopian near-future UK, after Brexit and Scottish independence.

Review Battle ground by Fany Van Hemelen:
What an action driven thought-provoking dystopian young adult

OH, this is a book I almost read in one time. The story about Bex and Dan is so thrilling that I can’t put it down.
Bex and Dan are schoolmates and both have big plans to do with their life. In the dystopian UK everything changes when the government is deciding to protect the citizens against the terrorists. When I saw this situation I know this could be today a realistic event. Our society is afraid of the bad terrorists and is taking actions to maintain peace and save the good ones. Those actions are not always as clear and just as in the book we do have fake news and propaganda is off all times.
I got the terrible feeling we could end like in this future country where youngsters are taken to be the public relations off the army. When Bex and her friends come into the battlefield they have to make incredibly tough choices and they learn to choice for themselves. Bex is different and by trying to do the right thing she even has more trouble.

Battle Ground is a very good written dystopian novel and I am a big fan of those books. It is intelligent and in an easy way told, but with a good plot and many moral questions and intriguing characters. The tale was addressed to the young adult public and I think they are going to read this one with much pleasure.

Nevertheless I am an adult and I loved this story because it is an exciting view at what could happen to us when we don’t think before we act.
Yes, I am very happy to discover this is just book one in a lot off books about this dystopian society.
I can’t wait to see what themes then are woven into the book.

Rachel Churcher

Rachel Churcher was born between the last manned moon landing, and the first orbital Space Shuttle
mission. She remembers watching the launch of STS-1, and falling in love with space flight, at the age
of five. She fell in love with science fiction shortly after that, and in her teens she discovered
dystopian fiction. In an effort to find out what she wanted to do with her life, she collected degrees
and other qualifications in Geography, Science Fiction Studies, Architectural Technology,
Childminding, and Writing for Radio.
She has worked as an editor on national and in-house magazines; as an IT trainer; and as a freelance
writer and artist. She has renovated several properties, and has plenty of horror stories to tell about
dangerous electrics and nightmare plumbers. She enjoys reading, travelling, stargazing, and eating
good food with good friends – but nothing makes her as happy as writing fiction.
Her first published short story appeared in an anthology in 2014, and the Battle Ground series is her
first long-form work. Rachel lives in East Anglia, in a house with a large library and a conservatory full
of house plants. She would love to live on Mars, but only if she’s allowed to bring her books.


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