The Hero’s Arc: Book Two: The Greenmen

He’s crossed seas and mountain ranges to reach them, tangled with dwarves and ogres along the way, escaped the clutches of an icicle wielding irate yeti to rescue them and now they tell him that they weren’t in any great need of help.

A revolution has sparked in the realm of Hudikvar, because of something things Aereon might have said to a troop of homeless youths. Now, King Victarian is after Aereon and anyone associated with him.

Local woodsman, Lars, has agreed to help them flee and be their guide through Oak’s Wood, but even he cannot guess what lies in wait for them within. Not now the Lord of the Primes is about to wake.

‘He’s got a touch of destiny about him, that one,’ said the Dealer.

‘Aye. He’s got a date with her, I’d say,’ said the Trickster.

‘And she’s ordered the lobster,’ said the Teller.

Review The Greenmen by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a great next book in the Hero’s Arc series!

By the Divine intention, I was impressed by the original and fresh writing style of Linden Forster. So, I was really curious to read the next one. After the amazing cover I couldn’t wait to read The Greenmen. Of course, now you want to know if I liked this one as much as the previous book.

The Greenmen has me, from the first word, taken again into the world of Aeron and his adventures. I meet the same characters as in the first book and a fabulous new one. Lars, the woodsman, is connected to the nature and is going to help Aeron to fulfill his mission. I truly loved this heartwarming and earth-balanced, beautiful man. I think this one is a great asset to the series. I loved the funny dialogues, unexpected twists and exciting adventures of the “gang”.

I have to admit, I never read Terry Pratchett, so, I can’t tell if this book is somewhat of a modern version of his books . What I do know is that I read a lot of fantasy and that these books are amazing by the humor, satire and special key players with their stubborn characters. I think, by this second one, Linden Forster has progressed in finding his own way of expressing his feelings and thoughts and is transporting me completely to his world.

Linden Forster

Linden Forster has it done , in this second book he shows again more of his entertaining and thoughtful writing and special world. You can see, he has a scientific background, by the way he creates his creatures. It is obvious, he had done some thinking about the evolving of his life forms. In the first one, he subtly showed his meaning or how we cared for our world, now he gives nature a voice. I am truly eager to know how the saga is going to continue..

Linden Forster began writing at the age of seventeen. Divine Invention was his debut novel and it took seven years from the idea conjuring at the back of an English class to reaching the page.
Since then, writing has become his dream and passion. The Greenmen is the second in his fantasy series, The Hero’s Arc.
He is a lover of nature and enjoys walks in the country and often ventures out armed with a notepad and pen.

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Titel: The Greenmen | Auteur: Linden Forster | Uitgeverij: Cordate Books | Categorie: Fantasy | Uitvoering: hardcover | 464 pagina’s | ISBN13: 9780995794917 | Recensent: Fany van Hemelen | Datum recensie: 29-04-2019 |  Bestellen