Unfinished Business

The Life Assistance Agency finds itself at a loss after returning from Europe.
Ben is determined to stay away from anything involving Angels, when the phone rings to invite them to write the biography of a self-deluded singer from defunct rave group Elev-8.

At his mansion in Sussex they meet the singer’s right-hand man, Billy `blind’ Fury, a retired wrestler, and his beautiful secretary Amber. Both of whom have plans for the Life Assistance Agency far beyond writing down half-recalled anecdotes from the early 90s pop charts…

Unfinished Business is the second novel featuring the Life Assistance Agency. When you’re in trouble whatever you do, don’t give them a call….

Review Quotes:
‘Bloody loved it! Original, very clever, unusual and very funny. A seriously intriguing read!‘ – James Dreyfuss

‘The book is great, every line is punchy as f***.’ – Leo Kearse

Review Unfinished Business by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a original and funny novel this is!

Unfinished Business is the second book of The Life Assistance Agency. When Ben and Scott are desperate, because they have to pay their rent and of course they don’t have any clients.. Scott has a great idea. He set up an interview with Ben and the media, to promote the agency as a company to assist with contacting angels. Certainly the questioning is strange and after the visit something bizarre happens. Even if Ben doesn’t want to be involved with angels anymore, he is incredibly cynic about such things, life has unexpected surprises.
By writing a biography of a self-deluded singer of a former group he will occur things he never dreamed off. After meeting Amber and Billy things will never be the same. Ben and Scott are part of plans you never wished for.

By reading this novel I had to think about the films of Men in Black. Indeed this book is different, but instead of aliens it has some appearances and the same humour.

If you love to meet a fantastic team with sarcasm and special talents and if you are in for a rather unusual book with intelligent twists and a good plot just dive in Unfinished Business.

Thomas Hocknell was brought up in Kent. He knew the distance to central London from the foot of his childhood bed and moved there the first moment he could 23 years ago. He has been writing music reviews for Record Collector, The Metro, Classic Pop, BBC and Line of Best Fit while also practicing as a mental health social worker. He completed the Faber Academy course and published his debut, The Life Assistance Agency, in late 2016.

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