An Unconventional Affair 2

Recensie An Unconventional Affair door Fany van Hemelen:
This second part of An Unconventional Affair finds Barrington Stone working in Australia for a year. Tranquility “Tee” Hammond, fifteen years his senior, has ended their affair, but for Barrington it was never over. He can’t wait for the year to pass to go back to her. However, after a drunken encounter, with a woman he later discovers is a sex worker, his life is changed forever. How can he possibly leave Australia, now that he has a daughter?

After accepting that Barrington won’t be coming back to the UK, Tee rekindles her relationship with the charming-yet-unconventional Sebastian Chandler, owner of a motorsports racetrack. Although living with Sebastian is “complicated” and life for the couple isn’t perfect, they are settled and Tee is happy.

But everything changes when Barrington returns. Tee’s heart is in turmoil, and Sebastian is afraid he will lose the woman he loves. As the plot thickens and twists unravel, Barrington must decide if there is one risk worth sharing.

What an unconventional love story. I loved the realistic and troubled characters in this one. I just read the first book recently and just wanted more. In A risk worth sharing, it looks like Tee and Barrington have been settled. Tee is happy with the unconventional, but tender Sebastian. Barrington has made a career in Australia and is trying to do the right thing. After one memorable evening he was forced to accept things and even he is not perfect, but human Barrington will take care of his loved ones.

Although when Barrington comes after ten years back he set up a meeting with Tee and guess what..: “They still feel the same”. Predictable you say: “Don’t worry… relationships in A risk worth sharing are not perfect and as expected”. I have to tell you this is a steamy book and in this story lust is important but love even more. If you are ready to enjoy real characters and have an open mind, I can ensure you this book is a great read. The key figures are struggling with their lives and have to make uncomfortable decisions to find their happiness.

A risk worth sharing is a lovely romance with plenty sexual escapades, but it’s much more than that. In this book family and relationships are uncommon and everyone is investigating his feelings to reveal what they actually need. I can’t wait to read more about this heart-warming family.

4,5 stars

Mollie Blake
Mollie Blake is a published author of contemporary romance. A lover of reading sexy stories, Mollie decided to go one step further and write her own. Her romances are filled with danger and peppered with hot sexy scenes. She is a member of International Thriller Writers and UK Romantic Novelists Association.

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Titel: An Unconventional Affair ~ Book 2 ~ A risk worth sharing| Auteur: Mollie Blake | Uitgeverij: Black Opal Books | Categorie: Feelgood-romans | Uitvoering: Paperback of E-book | 436 pagina’s | ISBN13: 9781644370759 | Verkrijgbaar sinds: januari 2019 |Recensent: Fany van Hemelen | Datum recensie: 29-01-2019 | Prijs: €15,99 | Bestellen

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