The Sins of the Sire: Dark Highland Passion Series 1

Two years ago, English noblewoman, Elyssia De Montford, risked her life to free the Highlander held prisoner by her sadistic fiancé. She cannot forget the man who first stirred her heart–a memory that burns anew when she finds herself once more on the road to Scotland.
Tavish MacLean has sworn vengeance. It’s been six years since his beloved sister was raped and murdered by an English lord, a tragedy which almost destroyed his family. On his deathbed, his father demanded retribution and Tavish pledged before his clan to enslave the lord’s daughter then send her back to her father, pregnant with a Scottish bastard. When he learns that she is travelling north, he seizes his opportunity and orders her abduction.
But when his men fling the prisoner before him, Tavish recognises Elyssia, the woman who once saved his life. Loyalty to his clan trumps the debt he owes her and he claims Elyssia as his captive. Though she’s one of the hated English, her willing body ignites passion in him at night, though she fights him at every turn during the day. As time passes, he questions his loyalty, finding himself increasingly enthralled by his fiery captive.
Treachery surrounds Clan MacLean. When long-buried secrets come to light, Tavish must risk his life and his clan, or all that he holds dear will be destroyed.

Review The Sins of the Sire by Fany Van Hemelen:
Tumultuous passion in violent times!

Elyssia de Montford, daughter of an English lordsmen once saved the Scottish enemy Tavish from dead. Unfortunately the clans are sadistic and in those times women weren’t from any importance. As an object they were raped and tortured in war times and even by their husbands. Tavish lost by the cruelty of the father of Elyssia his sister Flora and promised his old men to take vengeance. He captures the daughter and her childish sister to make a point. When the women is the unforgettable Elyssia with her amazing hot beauty, it is hard for him to follow what he promised his clan, but for loyalty he does it.

Even though Elyssia is threatening brutally by his men and himself, they can’t ignore the lust they feel. When they have sex it’s not in a kind way, but there is indeed fire when they are alone.

This is a first book of a series set in a period full violence and no respect for women. If you read this one you have to be prepared for sadistic scenes and lots of cruelty.
I have to admit it’s for me not easy to read about raping and torturing, yes, I am a bit sensitive, but in that time period I think it was such a cruel time. Emily Royal has done a bloody good job about the setting and rules these days.

Luckily is this debut book a fast-paced novel with an intriguing story about loyalty and a hot-blooded feel.
Maybe this book is not suitable for everyone, but next to the violence is a great fierce story with great people well worth to discover. The unusual key players, the questions about loyalty to the clan or your conscience and the characters are worth to dig into this book. No, in this book they mostly aren’t lovely, but indeed brutal and unrespectful or victims. On the other hand, they actually do have intense feelings and especially the women are brave.

If you are curious to know if the passion between Elyssia and Tavish will survive, then you have to read this well-written and wild book. The Sins of the Sire is a compelling and steamy read set in the violent medieval time.


Emily Royal

Emily Royal is a mathematics geek who grew up in Sussex, UK and has always had a passion for romance and strong alpha heroes. After graduating from Oxford University and enjoying a brief dream of becoming an airline pilot, she started a career in financial services in order to indulge her love of mathematics.

She now lives in rural Scotland with her husband, two daughters, and a menagerie of pets including Twinkle, an attention-seeking boa constrictor. She reignited her passion for romance when she joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association under their New Writers’ Scheme.

When not working on algebra or keeping Twinkle from slithering over the keyboard, Emily enjoys painting and playing the piano. She can often be found wandering about the hills of Scotland looking for inspiration.

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Titel: The Sins of the Sire |  Auteur: Emily Royal | Uitgeverij: Tirgearr Publishing | Categorie: | Uitvoering: paperback  | 283 pagina’s | ISBN13: | Verkrijgbaar sinds: 13-03-2019 |Recensent: Fany van Hemelen | Datum recensie: 30-04-2019 | Prijs: $5.89 | Bestellen

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