A Letter From Sarah

Adam’s sister, Sarah, has been missing for seven years, but he hasn’t given up hope of finding her. He is a sculptor and lives with his bedridden father who is a bully and a curmudgeon.

One morning, as the anniversary of Sarah’s disappearance nears, Adam receives a letter from her and she is apparently alive and well, living in New York. Adam travels to Brooklyn to search for Sarah as he’s desperate to see her, but she seems determined to avoid him.

Sarah’s letters arrive weekly, but she continues to remain elusive. Adam is perplexed by Sarah’s requests for secrecy, as is his father and his girlfriend, Cassandra.

He is determined to find her, whatever the cost to his wellbeing, health and sanity….

Review A Letter from Sarah by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a touching story about loss, grief, family and starting over again!

Adam lost, seven years ago, his sister. One day she went missing and till now nobody knows what happened to her. Adam has to cope with the pain and has strange dreams and visions. Sometimes his minds tell him he has to believe she’s still alive and happy, other times he sees her in horrifying situations and perhaps dead.
Cassandra, his lover, was supporting him always but, at this moment, she is tired of his obsession and has her own struggles to deal with.

From the day Sarah disappeared, Darius, their father refused to leave his bed and got depressed. Adam can’t make things right for him anymore. When Nigel, a friend of Adam, moved for a while to their home, he becomes unexpectedly a very good and respected friend from the old man. At the same time Adam received, around her anniversary, a letter from Sarah. First, he can’t believe she is fine, but in the letter are special things mentioned almost nobody as aware of Suddenly more letters are sent to him. Sarah lives apparently in New York and has two kids and an unhappy marriage. Adam decides to be strong and go look for her even if he don’t know her address and he promised not to say to anyone. Sarah has told him she will see him again, but not in the near future. Cassandra, his lover, was supporting him always but, at this moment, she is tired of his fixation and has her own struggles to deal with.

This emotional story is about how ordinary people, like you and me, change by night vision. What I loved about this moving narration was the depth in it! This is a psychological drama where nothing is what it seems and from the first sentence I was touched. Like everybody I wanted to know what really happened to Adam’s sister. Of course I was guessing for the truth and finally the end hit me!

Dan Proops has the talent to write about real people with their weaknesses and strengths. I was involved in the mystery and loved some people, but could hate others. It was very intriguing how the story was built up and how the author created illusions and emotions in my mind about the mental health and purposes of the key players.

When you like a poignant story with great characters, an exciting ending and a delicate way of saying hard things then this is your book!

Dan Proops has been a full time writer for six years and has completed four novels and a memoir. He wrote short stories as a teenager gleaning knowledge from his grandmother, the legendary advice columnist, Marje Proops.

Dan was a professional artist, and had a one man show at the age of fourteen in London. He’s had many exhibitions over a long career and his artwork was purchased by internationally acclaimed art dealer, Eric Franck. His artwork appeared frequently in the national press and his painting was featured in Image of the Week in the Times. One of his exhibitions was previewed in the Telegraph by columnist Colin Gleadell.

Dan lives and works in London. He is a Twitter influencer and has a following of 22, 000. Dan has been using the twitter platform for some years. In 2016 he had a wide outreach and his tweets were seen by 1.5 million users.
Dan lives and works in Londen.

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