Eden burning

Review Eden burning by Fany Van Hemelen:
Tom listened to Mrs McLaughlin’s brogues briskly clump across the marble floor towards the exit at the back of the Church. When the wooden door thumped closed, he looked around the Church to make sure that he was alone, then heaved himself to his feet, opened the Confessional, blessed himself, and in the darkness whispered to Father Anthony, ‘Father, get me a gun’.

Northern Ireland, 1972. On the Crumlin Road, Belfast, the violent sectarian Troubles have forced Tom Martin to take drastic measures to protect his family. Across the divide William McManus pursues his own particular bloody code, murdering for a cause. Yet both men have underestimated the power of love and an individuals belief in right and wrong, a belief that will shake the lives of both families with a greater impact than any bomb blast. This is a compelling, challenging story of conflict between and within families driven by religion, belief, loyalty and love. In a world deeply riven by division, how can any individual transcend the seemingly inevitable violence of their very existence?

What a fascinating story set in Belfast in the violent past.
Two families from the same community, totally different, are linked in a way you never could imagine.

It is a story about living in Belfast in the 70’s and how difficult it was to survive in that time. The book has realistic well-drawn characters and it is understandable it was not easy to survive in those days. Bombs , shootings and kidnappings, that was the normal stuff . It was just about being at the right side. Being Catholic was enough to be a criminal then. The strength of this book is the power of love in it. For both families, both at another side, love is the answer. Could love be the start for redemption and forgiveness? Will the unraveling of the secrets be a new start?

The power of the book is that the author never takes a side. It is just an intriguing tale about what people do on both sides to defend their course.
The book is filled with brutal situations, but they are functional for the story.

The author has done a great job with this debut. It is a compelling and emotional tale where is clear that there is nog right side in the conflict. Eden burning is a way to look at a horrifying war that has an impact on both parties.

If you love a thought provoking tale, this book is for you.

Titel: Eden burning | Leesfragment | Auteur: Deirdre Quiery | Uitgeverij: Urbane Publications | Categorie: Historische romans | Verkrijgbaar als paperback | 288 pagina’s | ISBN13: 9781909273900 | Verkrijgbaar sinds: 2015 | Recensent: Fany van Hemelen | Datum recensie: 11-10-2019 | Prijs: €11,99 | Bestellen