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High priestesses are few and far between, white ones in Africa even more so. When Diane Esguerra
hears of a mysterious Austrian woman worshipping the Ifa river goddess Oshun in Nigeria, her
curiosity is aroused.
It is the start of an extraordinary friendship that sustains Diane through the death of her son and
leads to a quest to take part in Oshun rituals. Prevented by Boko Haram from returning to Nigeria,
she finds herself at Ifa shrines in Florida amid vultures, snakes, goats’ heads, machetes, a hurricane
and a cigar-smoking god. Her quest steps up a gear when Beyoncé channels Oshun at the Grammys
and the goddess goes global.
Mystifying, harrowing and funny,
The Oshun Diaries
explores the lure of Africa, the life of a
remarkable woman and the appeal of the goddess as a symbol of female empowerment.

Review The Oshun Diaries by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a special book about women rights, discrimination and the beautiful culture of Africa.

I can’t say much without giving away spoilers, but it is a spiritual and archeological journey to the cruel world of discrimination and corruption in Africa and a guide to history and future of this part off the world.
Next to the intriguing trip into the world of the river goddess it is a sensitive novel about a strange friendship.

Through times and places Diane is part of the life of her friends and even it isn’t always easy she learns from the courage and endless hope of her special friends. Diane is going to sad times but with the help of the goddess she will counter her tribes and will survive and evolve herself.

The Oshun Diaries is a well – written social and anthropological journey with subtle messages hidden in.
If you love to get to know different cultures and traditions this is a very interesting read.


Diane Esguerra

Diane Esguerra is an English writer and psychotherapist. For a number of years she worked as performance artist in Britain, Europe and the United States, and she has written for theatre and television. She is the recipient of a Geneva-Europe Television Award and a Time Out Theatre Award.
She is previously the author of Junkie Buddha, the uplifting story of her journey to Peru to scatter her late son’s ashes.
She lives in Surrey with her partner David.

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