The Peacock Bottle

In this Victorian dual timeline novel, Amelia Wise feels a jolt when she finds a blue perfume bottle in the overgrown garden of the house she has inherited. Several events in her life mirrors those from the past and, with the help of her newfound cousin, Olivia, the bottle’s secret is uncovered.

Review The Peacock Bottle by Fany Van Hemelen:
The Peacock bottle is an intriguing dual timeline novel. At the Arthur House we get to know the residents of the property in 1843 and in 1893.

In 1893 Amelia finds a perfume bottle with an uncovered treasure inside. With her newfound cousin Olivia, Amelia is going to dig for the truth. The characters of the timeline in 1843 have a great evolution and in the timeline to Amelia it’s clear she is a powerful, young woman.

The Peacock Bottle is about growing up and surviving in the Victorian time period. Two families are separated by secrets and difficult circumstances.
The story is an interesting way of seeing how life was in both timelines. The characters are making the best of what they get and do what is necessary to cope with the troubles they meet.

This is a very enjoyable historical story with a special way of writing. Both time periods have their own style and characters and finally I discovered what was the connection between the tales.

The Peacock Bottle is a well-written and gently told novel about families, secrets and becoming an adult when you discover your world is no bed of roses!

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