Sea Babies

Lauren Wilson is travelling by ferry to the Outer Hebrides, about to begin a new job as a social worker. When somebody sits opposite her at the cafeteria table, she refuses to look up, annoyed at having her privacy disturbed. But a hand is pushing a mug of tea towards her, and a livid scar on the back of the hand releases a flood of memories.

Some people believe in the existence of a parallel universe. Does Lauren have a retrospective choice about the outcome of a terrible recent accident, or is it the bearer of that much older scar who has the power to decide what happens to her now?

Review Sea Babies by Fany Van Hemelen:
Sea Babies is a story about grief, pain and lost. This poetic story is about heart-breaking things like a lost life, wrong decisions and loneliness. Even though it is a dramatic tale, it’s not just sad. Family connections and love are complicated, but can give you wonderful memories. You have to take your time to get the symbolism and complex tale and then I can assure you, this is an emotional narration that will grip you. I was upset by the tragedies Lauren has experienced. In the beginning I was mad at Neil, but that’s the beauty in this book, I could understand why he acts that way. In the past, they were young, now so many years later, they meet again as adults. Can they forget the past and start fresh? Fragile people with real emotions who can cope hard with life and maybe get new chances that’s the story of Sea Babies.

Sea Babies is not a fast read. The beauty of this book is how vulnerable the senses are described and by the poetic words the author has created an enthralling book with unexpected plot twists. This moving story is written in a sensitive manner and the author can say delicate things in an immersive way.

Tracy Scott-Townsend

Author Tracy Scott-Townsend:
Tracey is the author of The Last Time We Saw Marion, Of His Bones, The Eliza Doll and Another Rebecca. Her fifth novel, Sea Babies will be released on 1stllection, So Fast was published in January 2018.

Tracey is also a visual artist. All her work is inspired by the emotions of her own experiences and perceptions.

Tracey is the mother of four grown-up children and now spends a lot of time travelling in a small camper van with husband Phil and their rescue dogs, Pixie and Luna, gathering her thoughts and writing them down.




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