The Ghostly Father

Was this what really happened to Romeo & Juliet?
Think you know the world’s most famous love story? Think again. What if the story of Romeo & Juliet really happened – but not quite in the way we’ve all been told?
This part-prequel, part-sequel to the original tale, told from the point of view of the Friar, tells how an ancient Italian manuscript reveals secrets and lies which have remained hidden for hundreds of years, and casts new doubts on the official story of Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers.
If you love the Romeo & Juliet story but are disappointed with the way it ended, this is the book for you.

Review The Ghostly Father by Fany Van Hemelen:
For a first book, this is a brilliant and impressive read that gives a new life to the old well-known love affair of Romeo and Juliet!

What a beautifully written novel. When you haven’t read Romeo and Juliet you get a different story than the original tale was. If you already did read this classic love story by William Shakespeare than it just is a new great version of a traditional book. The rivalry between the Capuleti and Montecchi families still remains and the tragic of being in love with somebody you can’t get either. I was enjoying the great characters and couldn’t wait to discover how this re-telling was going to end. Next to this tragic narration of two people who fall for each other, is it the story of Fra Lorenzo. This Romeo and Juliet adaptation through a monk’s eyes is original, written with depth and believable. Sue Barnard has used wonderful sentences for her narration and when I was reading this book I was catapulted in Italy. I really loved the finely drawn personalities and could imagine me the atmosphere of the fifteenth century. The Ghostly Father is Romeo and Juliet in an astonishing new way!

Incredible when I found out this was her first book. I would like to read more books of her with unforeseen situations and plot twists.
***** five stars

Author Bio-Sue Barnard
Sue Barnard is a British novelist, editor and award-winning poet. She was born in North Wales some time during the last millennium, but has spent most of her life in and around Manchester. After graduating from Durham University she had a variety of office jobs before becoming a full-time parent. If she had her way, the phrase “Non-Working Mother” would be banned from the English language.
Her mind is so warped that she has appeared on BBC TV’s Only Connect quiz show, and she has also compiled questions for BBC Radio 4’s fiendishly difficult Round Britain Quiz. This once caused one of her sons to describe her as “professionally weird.” The label has stuck.
Sue speaks French like a Belgian, German like a schoolgirl, and Italian and Portuguese like an Englishwoman abroad. She is also very interested in family history. Her own background is far stranger than any work of fiction; she would write a book about it if she thought anybody would believe her.
Sue now lives in Cheshire, UK, with her extremely patient husband and a large collection of unfinished scribblings.

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