Time will tell

Eva Jordan’s much-anticipated follow up to the bestselling `All The Colours In-Between’.

Writer, Lizzie Lemalf, and her loving but somewhat dysfunctional family are still grieving over the loss of a much-loved family member. Lizzie is doing her best to keep her family together but why does the recent death of a well-known celebrity have them all in a spin? The police suspect foul play; Lizzie and other family members suspect one another.

Lizzie begins searching for answers only to find herself being dragged back to the past, to 1960’s London to be exact, and to the former life of her father, that up until now she has never been privy to. Every family has its secrets but how can the past hold the key to a present day celebrity death? They say the past comes back to haunt you. Surely the truth will out? Maybe, but only time will tell…

Review Time will tell by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a delicate and beautifully written book! You have to take your time to savour the depth and wisdom in it. The connection between everything and everyone in time is magical written .

Unfortunately this was my first book by Eva Jordan, but I promise you I will certainly read the first two in this series. What a beautiful journey of a family trough generation and time. We sometimes forget what is really important but these well-written story is telling us with a tender voice what we always have to remember.

Time will tell is a poignant, touching story about families struggling in modern times and in the past. Lizzie Lemalf and her fantastic impaired family, their life is far from perfect. The pressure in modern time was high and living now and in the past had highs and downs. Lizzie is trying to keep their family together after they lost a beloved one. Time will heal, but when a famous person is found dead, the family has to cope again with hard times. The police is making inquiries and from that moment it isn’t easy to figure out who is telling the truth.

The realistic characters have immediately stolen my heart. I truly loved this emotional, heartbreaking and endearing story. In a sensitive and touchy style she immediately gets me hooked to this family.

Time will tell is not a mystery novel. No, it is an incredible story that left me behind with mixed feelings. What you’re going through and how you cope with what happened can change everything. Could it be true that the past of the family Lemalf is influencing the present? Will the secrets be revealed? Time will tell.

Bio Author- Eva Jordan
Eva Jordan is a published writer of several short stories and Time Will Tell is her third novel. Eva lives in a small town in Cambridgeshire with partner Steve and three of our four children, who are a constant source of inspiration – they are all teenagers, need I say more! Eva’s career has been varied, including working in a Women’s Refuge and more recently at the city library. However, storytelling through the art of writing is her true passion.


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