Review XYZ by Fany van Hemelen:
From a former Guardian and BBC writer, and author of The Donated, comes a hilarious story of mid-life crisis, family, technology, and coping with the modern workplace.

Jack Cooper is a depressed, analogue throwback; a cynical, alcoholic Gen-Xer whose glory days are behind him. He’s unemployed, his marriage has broken down, he’s addicted to internet hook-ups, and is deeply ashamed of his son Geronimo, who lives life dressed as a bear.

When Jack’s daughter engineers a job for him at totally-lit tech firm Sweet, he’s confronted by a Millennial and Zoomer culture he can’t relate to. He loathes every detail – every IM, gif and emoji – apart from Freya, twenty years his junior and addicted to broadcasting her life on social media.

Can Jack evolve to fit in at Sweet, or will he remain a dinosaur stuck in the 1980s? And will he halt his slide into loneliness and repair his family relationships?

What a hilarious and thoughtful book about Jack stuck in a mid-life crisis.

This is a story about Jack, who is an unemployed alcoholic, is divorced and has barely contact with his son and a complex relation with his daughter.
One day Em fixes him a new chance at a dynamic young tech firm Sweet. First the dinosaur is not happy at this place where emojis and emoticons are a normal way of communication. Jack wants to quit but finally he stays for the sake of Em. Jack is trying to get his life back on order and is quitting all bad things. Freya, his boss at Sweet is attractive and has made quite an impression on Jack but as his manager this is not done. Piece by piece Jack is making a fresh start and the way the relationships develop in this book is lovely and touching.

I laughed with the conversations inside the head of Jack and the book made me thinking about the danger of all new technology. The characters are great and the main character Jack is incredibly hilarious and sometimes dark.

If you love a book full of sarcasm this definitely is a very good read. I loved it and will be reading next books by this author.

William Knight has written for the Guardian, the Financial Times and the BBC, among many other publishers. He is a journalist and technologist currently living and working in Wellington, New Zealand.

A graduate engineer, he’s chased a varying career starting in acting, progressing to music, enjoyed a brief flirtation with handbag design, and was eventually wired into technology in 1989.

By 2003 his non-fiction was being regularly published in Computing newspaper in the UK, and he has since written about the many successes and failings of high-technology

The Donated (formerly, Generation), his first novel, was conceived from a New Scientist article in 2001 and was ten years in development. Subsequent novels, XYZ, Foretold, The Fractured, will be available, he says, “Sometime in the future. Hopefully not as long as ten years.”

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