Down to the sea

Victorian house up from Edinburgh’s Newhaven district – once teeming with fishing boats – they plan to renovate and set it up as a luxury care home. But something is not quite right: disturbing sounds can be heard when the sea mists swirl; their unpredictable neighbour makes it clear that the house was not always a happy family home. And their ‘characterful’ historic pile has a gloomy cellar harbouring relics from days gone by.

Back in the 1890s, superstitious fishwives blame young Jessie for the deaths of their menfolk in a terrible storm, and she’s forced into the Newhaven Poorhouse. In those less enlightened times, life was often severe, cruel even, and Jessie is entirely at the mercy of a tyrant matron. But one inmate is not all she seems. Jessie begins to pick at the truth, uncovering the secrets and lies that pervade the poorhouse – and which will have profound and dangerous consequences in the future.

Review Down to the sea by Fany Van Hemelen:
What an intriguing mystery story playing in two timelines
Rona and Craig bought an old Wardie House to rebuilt this in a luxury nursery home. When they start with their old clients they discover more about the strange history of the house.

In the 19th century Jessie a young girl, with a birthmark, was send away to the poorhouse then. In that period Wardie House functioned as a poorhouse.
Jessie was accused of a sea tragedy that happened and she had to live at the house. Some people thought she was a witch or was cursed by something.
In that time life wasn’t easy and this was a bit of a sad story. Luckily Jess was a very courageous girl and she made the best of her time.

In the more recent part I was moved by the sincere and heartwarming Rhona and Craig . The mystery they try to solve was a bit spooky and sometimes I wasn’t sure who to trust anymore.

Down to the Sea is a quick read and a poignant historical story with well -drawn characters.

Sue Lawrence
As well as writing three very popular and well-reviewed historical mysteries published in the UK and overseas, Sue Lawrence is one of the UK’s leading cookery writers, with eighteen published cookbooks. Having trained as a journalist in Dundee, she won BBC’s MasterChef in 1991 and became a food writer, regularly contributing to Scotland on Sunday, as well as being the Sunday Times’ food writer for six years. Born in Dundee and raised in Edinburgh, she now lives near Newhaven, Edinburgh – the setting for her latest novel. She has won two Guild of Food Writers Awards and a Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award, and now focuses on researching and writing historical fiction.

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