They shoot Corpses, Don’t They?

Pat O’Hare is the only (living) private detective in Farrelton, a crime-ridden city still recovering from the ravages of an undead uprising. Pat is hired to find the missing granddaughter of a rich industrialist. But, what starts out as simple enough job turns into a fight for survival as he finds himself pulled into a deadly mystery where nobody can be trusted. Helped only by a trigger happy ex-cop and a washed up boxer with a pathological fear of trees, Pat has to use every trick in the book just to stay alive. Caught between corrupt police, gun-wielding hitmen and a ruthless crime lord, Pat soon learns that the zombies are not the most dangerous creatures in town.

Review They shoot Corpses, Don’t They? by Fany Van Hemelen:
A fast-paced crime story and exciting horror book that blend nicely!

Zombies are everywhere in the little town Farellton , but if you think they are the biggest threat than your wrong. Wrong people with big power are doing horrible things and they control life.

When Pat is taking a special case as a private detective, he has not to save only his “ass “ but the pretty granddaughter of the big boss of the town and her boyfriend are his clients. He couldn’t imagine himself in what “a vespiary” he would be involved. Since that day he is in the line of fire and is definitely committed to find out what happened and why. This crime fiction is intriguing and fast to read with a touch of horror and a lot of sarcasm. If you love a original story that entertains and make you read till the end just pick this up.

I loved the action scenes, the atmosphere and the original humour.

They shoot corpses, don’t they ?is a gritty Zombie noir about an ex-cop and a power woman, abusing power by people and of course lots of zombies.

Stuart McLean (aka CS McLean) is a writer currently living in St Albans. He studied Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire – although, this was back in the days when the Premiership was still called Division One and Hatfield was still a Polytechnic.

He was shortlisted for the first Margery Allingham short story competition, and was twice shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland short story competition.

Stuart was a finalist in the 2016 Bloody Scotland Pitch Perfect competition, in which he pitched his brand of zombie noir to a largely bewildered group of panellists. He was also chosen as one of the 2018 Bloody Scotland Crime in the Spotlight authors, a platform to highlight new and emerging crime writers.

When not writing, Stuart likes to play various musical instruments, all very badly; guitar, ukulele, trumpet and harmonica. But, not at the same time.

Titel: They shoot Corpses, Don’t They? | Leesfragment | Auteur: CS McLean | 302 pagina’s | Recensent: Fany van Hemelen | Datum recensie: 17-5-2019  | Prijs: €2,99 | Bestellen

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