Tight Lies

Ted Denton’s explosive debut novel is an exhilarating action thriller pitching the privileged, seductive world of a professional sports agent against a backdrop of political double-dealing, corporate corruption and brutal violence.

A young Daniel Ratchet arrives in Spain to begin his dream job as a golf agent on the European Tour. In London, the Russian Rublex Corporation, with its history mired in ‘Vory’ mafia criminality, is working on a huge gas deal off the Falkland Islands with the British government. Veteran civil servant Derek Hemmings is tasked to rubber-stamp the deal for the Foreign Office.

But things are not what they seem … With the help of Wallace, a cantankerous old golf coach, Daniel discovers match fixing, fraud and corruption on the Tour, all at the seeming behest of Rublex. A thorn in the Russians’ side, Daniel is kidnapped before he can expose the truth. Wallace, needing help, contacts an old army buddy who deploys violent loose cannon Tom Hunter on a mission to save him.

A tense race against time ensues, both to rescue Daniel from the clutches of the Vory and for Hemmings in Whitehall to prove that the deadly deal is corrupt. The stakes are high. As the body count mounts will the volatile Hunter reveal the truth or will he be too late?

Dead or alive, the truth always comes at a cost.

Review Tight Lies by Fany Van Hemelen:
A intelligent thriller set in a sports world full of corruption and violence.

I have to be honest. Even I love debuts and was thrilled by the quote of Lee Child, this book in the beginning didn’t get my attention. It was not exciting or thrilling and even a bit dull for me.

Luckily after some time the story was moving on, the interesting key players were developing and I got fascinated by the unexpected twist plots. So, if you like an action thriller set in the golf world and filled by bad people and sometimes violent scenes, maybe this is your cup of tea.

The personalities in this book are bold and even stubborn but one thing is certain they do all to keep alive and reveal the truth or save other people.

This is not a page turner for me, but It is an amusing and thrilling book worth to read.. just don’t expect too much and maybe you will love this story. In some cases I do read a book at another moment and have another opinion so it is possible this is the same with Tight Lies.

This is not a book that blow me away, but I am sure some people will have different opinions. I can’t say why it didn’t attract me as I expected but indeed it is a well- written thriller with good character building so just give it a try and perhaps for you it is a fantastic read.

Author Ted Denton was offered a bursary at an early age to serve as a commissioned officer within the British armed forces. Fascinated with both geo-political relations and bipartisan negotiation, Ted has engaged with international governments, political faculties and Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGOs).

Ted has forged an exciting career through his founding of a private international consultancy. He undertakes extensive global travel and exploration. Ted is passionate about writing, boxing and adventuring.

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