Rosebrook Chronicles

The Hidden Stories
This series of interwoven stories follows the lives of three abused teenagers, desperate to battle past traumas, pursue their dreams, find love and re-establish broken family ties.

London 1960. Robin is hypnotised by a dazzling moon and it sets him on a quest to seek a better life. Fearful of his future, he puts his trust in the wrong person, clueless of the trap he is falling into.

Dublin 1968. Two Irish orphans are separated by the Church. Six year old Bess panics at the thought of being sent to London. An English family want to adopt her but if only it didn’t mean abandoning her elder brother…
Peter meanwhile, has never forgotten her. Fighting to survive in a brutal orphanage, he risks a dangerous escape to reach the mainland and with the law on his tail, he heads for the Capital to find her.

It is not until the 1970s, the lives of the characters intersect. Struggling to cope in a harsh world, how do their experiences shape them into the adults they become and who among them will be believed?

One politician vows to introduce reforms to protect children. But when his only son is bullied at school, alleged to have committed suicide, he knows there is a lot more tunnelling to do if he is to unearth the evil embedded in society.

With snippets of social history from the 70s to the 90s, this book explores the hidden lives of three ordinary citizens.

These victims never had a voice.
I wrote this book in order to give them one.

Review The RoseBrood Chronicles – Hidden Stories by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a great storyteller with the power to create real people!

First if you didn’t read the previous ones in this series just like me, I think this is good to do before you read this one. I haven’t done that and I could perfectly follow the immersive and sad tale. Nevertheless, in this narration three persons of former books are the key players so to have more background it is interesting to do.

I was moved by the way the author told a touching and sometimes hard story. From the first sentence she creates lively personalities with an intriguing past and a complex character.

Through times and places she gives a voice to the innocent. People who didn’t dare to say stop or thought they were even better of with the abusers then their violent homes. The story is about politics, morals and expectations between different times and besides sadness it is a book of hope. The three key players have their own way of dealing with their past and the, at first sight separate lives will flow together. Hidden Stories is a book that crawls in your head and that proves how precious a life is and how quickly it can be ruined.

After this book I am looking forward to read the next ones. I loved the character building, detailed writing and the well-developed plot line.

Helen J. Christmas

Helen J. Christmas lives on the south coast with her husband. With a love of writing since childhood, she wrote her decade spanning thriller series, Same Face Different Place, Between 2011 and 2017. This five-book mystery suspense series explores British culture and social history from the 70s to the 90s. Inspired by the Bronte sisters in 2016, Helen decided she wanted to develop her writing skills by compiling a book of character-driven short stories. In 2018 she completed Rosebrook Chronicles (The Hidden Stories), a unique novel which gives extra background information to her series. The 16th Century cottage in which Helen lives with her husband (restored in 1991) provides endless inspiration for writing, something she fits around her family and social life. Helen is a self employed web designer and works from home with her husband, Peter, and she enjoys blogging, country walks, photography and cookery.
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