Dyed Souls

Described by John Lloyd of The Bookbag as “Catcher in the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Dyed Souls is a gritty coming-of-age literary novel, set in a residential treatment center in 1980’s California.
Charlie Lyle loves science, natural history, and the world of the mind, and it is his refuge and salvation as he copes with his drug-addicted mother and a world of circumstances well-beyond his grasp. More a work of philosophy than psychology, “For the teen it has a galling coming-of-age, redemption quest. For the adult it has that, as well as a literary look at a singular fictional life

Review Dyed Souls by Fany Van Hemelen:
What a poetic and sad, but captivating story is Dyed Souls.

This is is a gritty coming-of-age book about Charlie, a 13 year old boy. Charlie has an drug-addicted mother and when the story is told he is staying in the Hawthorne residential treatment center.Since the day his mother took him away by his grandfather he has a hard life. This man was his hero and he learned him to think about the world and to dream. Luckily he meets Margo, a fantastic young girl, in the center and fells in love. Sadly the love didn’t survive and now is Charlie back very lonely. This betrayal is the reason that he runs away and he decides to search his beloved ones.

I can’t tell more about his trip and the thought-provoking narration than just read it! You will feel the emotions I felt by reading this beautiful and complex novel.The characters are well-developed and the filosofal thoughts make you think.

Dyed Souls is not an easy read, because it’s sad and heartache, but it’s a beautiful book about a boy who makes the best of a difficult time. A literary and filosofal must read!

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